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“Where Does the Air Go?” by Dave Hanson TJ|H2b Analytical Services, Inc. Intense investigations have confirmed that traditional procedures may not always prevent air bubbles from entering the transformer tank when the samples are taken, or the monitor is commissioned. Obviously, there is a serious risk of failure when air bubbles enter an energized transformer. Read More.

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“The Benefits of Robotics” by Serge Montambault Hydro-Quebec Hydro-Québec Research Institute’s (IREQ) Powerline Robotics Program has been successful in developing several technologies now deployed worldwide, such as LineScout and LineCore technologies. The benefits of developing and implementing robotics in maintenance practices are discussed, as substantial economic and strategic benefits have already been reaped. Learn More.

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What’s in Your Oil?® TCA® Transformer Condition Assessment To meet the demand for an improved transformer management tool, TJIH2b Analytical Services has developed Transformer Condition Assessment, TCA®. Comprehensive Diagnostics. TCA® integrates test data, analyzes trends and provides important information for the life management of transformers. Optimized Transformer Use. Information about the dielectric and mechanical state of the transformer provides for better management of loading. Greater Reliability. TCA® assists in fault management and corrective procedures leading to a reduction in failures and an enhancement in reliability.

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“Challenges of an Evolving Electrical Grid“ by Chris Root Vermont Electric Co. Retiring base-load power plants, increased distributed generation, rising investment in energy efficiency and demand response, and technological innovation in heat pumps, electric vehicles and storage are all key trends. Read all about the challenges grid operators face as they manage grid reliability in this rapidly evolving environment. Read about it here

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