Women in Power Systems

Women in Power Systems


A community of women who Inspire, Enlighten & Empower
Now more than ever, women are making a tremendous difference in the companies they work for, the countries and communities they live in and the families they make thrive.

What values do women bring to the power industry? How do they use and share their unique assets in what is perceived as a men's industry?

Women in Power Systems (WPS) is a community of women who work in a segment of the industry we term Power Systems; women who believe there is an important missing ingredient that is not found in any of our professional societies. That missing ingredient is a place that allows a professional woman to be a whole woman, acknowledging and embracing her unique gifts and talents as a strength, not a weakness. A quality, not a downfall. A place that  encourages women that they can accomplish same things as men, but can also bring something unique as a woman to whatever role they are in.
WPS is also a place where we want the next generation of professional women of any professional education, not just engineering or science, to have a network they can connect with and be supported by through sharing, growing, strengthening, and promoting women’s values in the workplace and society.
Professional women in power systems can be engineers, marketers, managers, procurement professionals: all leaders in their own right.

Women in Power Systems was created by women in power systems for all people in power systems.

WPS will be a source of stories told by women to women, that will inspire a woman’s self-awareness in all of her roles, empowering women to connect, collaborate and thrive in all segments of life.
It will also be a source of stories that will speak to all participants in the marketplace alike, making both men and women even more valuable contributors to their workplaces, and local and global communities.

WPS will be launched in June, marking the International Women in Engineering Day, with a designated digital issue of Transformer Technology.

We invite you to join us in this mission, by taking part in one of the following ways:
  • Women working in the industry may contact us with their professional (technical) articles to be published in the inaugural June edition.
  • Professional women in the industry holding leadership positions in their companies can be profiled through an inspirational story (for both men and women) that might focus on her path and role in the industry, as well as the values of her company that support inclusion and diversity.
  • Women who feel driven by inspiring and connecting other women can contact us if they wish to have a more distinguished role in this project.
WPS is a sponsor-supported community.
We would like to invite all socially responsible companies who would like to make their mark in society and support this important project to contact us and learn more about ways to become WPS Distinguished Sponsors.

Be part of those who
Inspire. Enlighten. Empower.


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